Our Programming

We are an approved licensed childcare facility under the Department of Education, following the guidelines and regulations of the Nova Scotia Early Learning and Child Care Act. Capable, Confident, and Curious: Nova Scotia’s Early Learning Curriculum Framework guides the practice of early childhood educators and leaders, who work with young children, from birth to age eight. 

At Tots Academy, we follow Nova Scotia’s Early Learning Curriculum Framework. The framework, which is implemented in all regulated childcare centres and pre-primary programs, is based on the following:

  • Children are recognized as constructors of knowledge
  • Early learning environments are inclusive and reflect, and respond to, children’s interests, ideas, and curiosities
  • Children’s lives are shaped by their families, communities, language, and culture
  • Play is integral to well-being and learning
  • Learning is holistic

At Tots, we believe that all children are unique. Each child as the right to express themselves in a way that is molded by the experiences, people, and support systems on their journey. This allows them to be their one-of-a-kind self. We believe in allowing children to take risks, make mistakes, and feel they are capable of finding solutions when given time, opportunity, and open-ended materials.

We believe children are competent problem solvers, driven by curiosity and resilience. Our approach empowers them to lead their own learning, fostering holistic development. Our framework emphasizes the importance of valuing children’s ideas and opinions, creating an environment that supports exploration and expression while respecting their rights to participate in decision-making


We have an on-site cook, who provides the children with nutritious and well-balanced snacks and lunches that meet the daily nutritional requirements. Our updated menu can be located on our social media pages.

Child to Educator Ratios

Our children share a classroom space with peers in their age group. We adhere to the child to educator ratios outlined in the Early Learning and Child Care Regulations made under Section 15 of the Early Learning and Child Care Act (NS Reg 165/2020).


We use Lillio daycare app to manage our center and connect with families